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6 Dimensions of Compensation Assessment

The 6 Dimensions of Compensation Assessment

  1. Emotional compensation: Working on projects and holding responsibilities you enjoy, feeling safe, fulfilled, and energized by the challenges you are presented and the outputs you create.
  2. Social compensation: Having a sense of belonging and connection to the people you work with. Being a member of a team, culture, and community, you enjoy spending time with and with whom you hold mutual trust and respect.
  3. Physical compensation: Having what you need to do your best work: supplies and resources, environment, time and space, and boundaries that support a person’s best effort while respecting their life outside of work.
  4. Spiritual compensation: Knowing you are valued, appreciated, and purposeful in the work you do, and that your contribution is connected to a more excellent vision.
  5. Psychological compensation: Increasing resilience, knowledge, and skill sets that allow you to confidently grow in interesting and challenging areas to advance into future opportunities.
  6. Financial compensation: Receiving any combination of paychecks, benefits, commissions, gifts, and bonuses that an employee receives in a given period of time that support your personal financial needs, and goals, and adequately correlate with your skills, abilities, and contribution.

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